Common Login Issues

Having issues logging into the platform? Here are some common issues and quick fixes.

1. " I'm trying to login into my Bucketlist Account and my password isn't working and I tried to reset my password but haven't received anything."

Email to request a password reset and someone from the Support team will assist you with this and send you your new login in details within 1 business day. 


2. "I am trying to access the Bucket List, but I keep receiving this Access Denied message. Please Advise" 


If you receive this message, first check to see that you are logging in with the company email address that you were originally invited to the platform with. To log out with of your personal email and log back in with your company email, hover over the sentence "To login with a different account, please logout first" and you can click on logout to proceed with this. 


If you are still having issues accessing the platform, email to look into this further. 


3. "I am trying to login to Bucketlist and it is not taking my email or password."

A common thing that happens with this login issue is that users are trying to login to rather than their company Bucketlist site. If you experience this issue, double check that you are trying to login to the correct site, it should be [companyname] 


4. "Can't login through the SSO"

First, ensure that you are logging in with the correct company email address, the same email you received the invite to the platform with. 

If using the ADFS login button, there can sometimes be a delay with the server when trying to login and it can take a couple tries. 

If the issue still persists, reach out to our Support team to have this escalated for a quick fix from the development team. 


If any issues arise outside of the above items, you can always reach out to our support team for help, simply send an email to