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Gift Cards- Commonly Ask Questions

This article explains how gift cards work and answers commonly asked questions.


My E-Gift Card Code/Pin Does Not Work.

For security reasons, e-gift cards are usually sent with a code/pin. If you encounter an error when redeeming your card, this is typically the result of issues with cutting and pasting the code. Be sure there are no extra spaces added when entering the code into the retailer’s activation field. If you need help, contact us.

What Happens if I Lose the Retail Gift Card?

Since all retail gift cards are delivered electronically via email, we can simply resend it to you. Just contact us. Please note that gift cards are just like cash. If lost, their value can be used by someone else.

I have a question / concern about my gift card

Simply contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

The process of getting a gift card within BucketlistRewards

  1. The employee receives an award or recognition from our platform and gets an email notification.
  2. The employee has to log in into our platform, choose a gift card and desired value, and redeem it.
  3. After that, the employee will receive an email from our partners containing the gift cards information. This email is usually sent within 24 hours after redemption. Please note that depending on the gift card, some can take up to 7 business days to process and receive (in rare cases)
  4. Gift cards email will never be sent without the employee redeeming a gift.

What employees should know concerning Gift Cards and BucketlistRewards.com

  • BucketlistRewards will never ask a customer or our platform's users to buy gift cards. It is done automatically.
  • BucketlistRewards only send emails concerning gift cards to employees after they redeemed something on our platform.
  • No impromptu email concerning gift cards are sent by BucketlistRewards to employees if they didn't redeem anything.
  • Employees should never have to enter personal information when redeeming gift cards (Name, date of birth, SSN, etc).
  • BucketlistRewards will never contact its users and ask for a usable gift card number or pin to check the balance or validate it.
  • Redemption emails are coming from our partner TangoCards and has the following template:
  • An employee should use its gift card number only when buying something from the merchant. They should never share their number/pin with anyone on the phone, by email, etc. The employees should make sure that they are using the gift card properly as described in their redemption email. Redemption depends on the merchant and could be a card to print with a pin, a special gift card number to be used online, etc.
  • To mitigate the possibility of a stolen gift card number by hackers, an employee should use its gift card number promptly after redeeming them.
  • If an employee is unsure of the authenticity/legitimacy of an email or call supposedly coming from BucketlistRewards, please email support@bucketlistrewards.com and we'll investigate the request and address the employee's concern.

Known gift cards scams and mitigation:

1. Boss asking to buy gift cards

How it works:
A "boss" will ask an employee to purchase gift cards for him, often by email.

What to know and what to do

BucketlistRewards' customers pay us up front a certain amount to 'pre-pay' for gift cards. After that, the platform pays automatically when employees redeem gift cards.

Our customers and their employees never have to purchase gift cards directly.

If an employee receives such a request, they should always confirm a purchase request with the supposed requester to confirm its authenticity to ensure that it's a legitimate request.

2. Paying a service / IRS etc with gift cards

How it works

Someone receive a threat, email, etc asking the person to pay by gift cards. Often these are automated messages by phone by tax institution which threatens the person of arrest or something similar.

What to know and what to do

Know that BucketlistRewards or any reputable company nor the IRS or any government agency will ever demand payment via gift cards. Ignore such requests.

3. Balance Check

How it works

Someone lists a gift card for sale. The buyer then asks to validate the gift card number and/or balance. This can be done by phone, email etc. If the seller gives the buyer its gift card number, the 'buyer' can instead use the gift card without having to pay for it.

What to know and what to do

Sharing the gift card's number is like sharing the gift card itself. An employee should only share the gift card's number when using it (either on the merchant's website or when at a store after having printed it, depending on the merchant)

4. Bots stealing gift cards numbers

How it works

Hackers can use automated programs like GiftGhostBot to run through a store’s online gift card balance. This process takes time and an amount of luck and will also spur suspicion for most retailers, but if successful, the hacker would in fact be able to use the gift cards as its own.

What to know and what to do

No such cases have ever been reported by people using BucketlistRewards, but to mitigate this possible issue, an employee should redeem a gift card and use it promptly after. The less time the card stays activated with a balance, the less possibilities there are for hackers to find its number or pin.