Manual CSV Setup and Instructions

This article summarizes how your company can import users in Bucketlist via a manual CSV.

Manual CSV General Information

For those who manually manage their users within their platform, a manual CSV allows you to do a batch import of your user data into Bucketlist at one time. You can download the manual CSV template here.

Once the manual CSV template is filled out, please send it back to your Customer Onboarding Manager so they can import the data into your Bucketlist platform. 

After the initial import occurs, you can continue to add and remove users from the platform by following this article.

Manual CSV Instructions

  1. First name, last name and email are all mandatory fields
    1. Birthday and Start date are optional, if they are not provided, leave the column empty. This information is only needed if you are using Birthday and/or Service Anniversary Awads.
    2. Birthday date can be specified with or without the year
    3. The format of the dates is YYYY-MM-DD, like 2019-02-28 for February 28th, 2019. If no year is provided use MM-DD format, like 02-28 for February, 28th, or leave blank
  2. Permission level/default role - enter employee or manager, all lowercase
  3. Custom role - if your company requires custom roles, please include them in the CSV. Custom roles are only needed if you need more roles that have more or fewer points to give with recognition. Examples custom roles include: Supervisor, Executive, VP, C-Suite
  4. Groups - groups are used to filter the activity feed. Groups can be identified based on location, division or department, etc. For example, if I'm part of the Finance team, I can filter the activity feed to view recognitions within my Finance Department. If a user is in more than one group, separate groups with a ';' semi-colon.

Manual CSV Formatting and Troubleshooting Tips:

Date Format:

Please double-check that the date format has not changed when exporting from Excel to CSV:

  • To ensure the date format hasn’t changed, read this article 
  • The issue probably isn’t on the CSV file, it is when the file is opened in Excel. 
  • How to open a CSV with Excel: Excel → Data → Get external data → Select all columns with Shift and choose Text.
  • The date format should be yyyy-mm-dd (for employee start date) and yyyy-mm-dd or mm-dd (for birthdays)

Groups Column Format:

  • Groups is a container for grouping employees that is meaningful in the context of your HRIS system. Group names will come from one or more categories/fields. For example;  Department, Division, Job Type, Region or Location
  • The group column indicates which groups the user is part of.
  • Groups are used for activity feed filtering                            
    • For example:  Group 1;Group ABC;Group 66. A semi-colon (;) character is used to separate groups, the whole set of groups must be enclosed by " (double quotes) , in most cases, when your system generates a CSV it inserts quotes in the group field. You do not need to explicitly add quotes in the data itself:  "Group1;Group ABC;Group 66". The group names must be exactly the same (same case, spacing etc) throughout the CSV, otherwise a different case / formatted group name would be considered a different group. Multiple groups can be delimited by a semi colon ';' and wrapped in quotations.