How to send a Recognition

The following article describes how to use the peer to peer feature

Step-by-step guide on how to give a recognition:

  1. Head to the "Activity Feed" and start typing in an employee's name into the field that says "Who do you want to recognize?" and choose the name of the person you want to recognize. You can choose more than 1 name if you wish.
  2. Add a description to "What do you want to recognize them for?" (share a short story as to why you are recognizing them, for example: what impact did they make on the company, customer or project, why are you thanking them, what have they done to go above and beyond, etc).
  3. Add in one or multiple "Core Values" to the recognition (which Core Value aligns best with the recognition you are giving)
  4. For some organizations there's an option to add points (e.g. 5 is typically for a small contribution, 10 is for a medium contribution and 15+ is for a big contribution). You need to have enough 'points to give' if you are adding in points to the recognition. Remember, it's the recognition that is most impactful to your colleague - points are a bonus!
  5. Optionally, you can add a photo and/or GIF
  6. Click post

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Recognizing your peers for their impactful behaviour is a great way to foster a positive and collaborative work environment! Here are some guidelines on what behaviours you can recognize your peers for:

  Peer Behaviour   Description

Thank you or job well done 😃

  • Given to an employee to recognize a small, helpful contribution, exemplifying our core values. This recognition is not required to be tied to a specific project/body of work.  Consider this behaviour a “High Five’ , “Kudos” or “Thank you”
Congratulations or Personal accomplishments 👏  
  •  Given to an employee to recognize personal contribution to a project or body of work or a personal milestone like a new baby or buying a house. Consider this behaviour a celebratory achievement where the employee has gone above and beyond in their work or achieved  a personal life goal.
Excellence in performance 🔥
  • Given to an employee to recognize excellent project execution or body of work. Consider this behaviour as an excellent achievement.
Leadership qualities 🌟
  • Given to an employee or leader to recognize leadership abilities. Influential, inspirational,  excellent business judgement, etc.. Consider this behaviour with current or future leaders.
Results achieved or exceeded🤩
  • Given to an employee who has achieved or exceed expectations for a client or project. Consider this behaviour as exceptional work by  thinking outside the box and delivering solid business results.
Team Accomplishments 🤝
  • Given to a team or department for accomplishing a team goal or project. Results are well received internally and externally and drive business success and/or profitability.


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