How do "points to give" work or why don't I have points to give out?

When giving out a recognition, there is the option to assign points to the recognition. Typically a user receives a set amount of points to give out over a specific time period.

The point amount and time period to give them out is dependant on what your company Admins decide to assign each user. Points to give allotments/ intervals can be anywhere from:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly 
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

If you don't see that you have any points to give out at all, this is most likely because your company has decided to opt out of having points given out and they just want recognitions to be given. Some companies will assign points to Managers only to hand out, so users can still accumulate points to redeem for the different rewards. 

If you aren't sure how your company has decided to set this up for your platform, you can always reach out to an Admin at your company or contact the Bucketlist Support team, simply send an email to