How to Prevent BucketlistRewards Emails from Going to Spam?

How to configuration email servers to prevent BucketlistRewards emails from going to spam.

Email server configuration

All notification emails will come from the email ''. That email can be 'whitelisted'

Also, all notification emails will come from that IP address: . That IP can also be whitelisted if possible.

Recognition email notification

Recognition email notifications are different from other email notifications in the sense that they change the 'from' part of the email to be the email of the employee that gave the recognition.

Depending on your mail server, it might be difficult to prevent this kind of email from going to spam, even by following the steps above.

If it's your case, we can disable that feature and have recognition emails come from the same email address (suggested: If you wish to turn off that feature, let us know.

Emails are still going to spam?

If emails are still going to spam after whitelisting our IP address and our email address, you will have to contact your email server administrator or provider.

Unfortunately, there are many different email servers and configurations, so it's impossible for us to know exactly what the problem is, but your email server administrator should be able to know which emails went to spam and why, thus giving them information on how to change the configuration of their spam filter.

However, apart from giving the details under 'Email server configuration' to your mail server administrator, other things to look for are:

  • Unsubscribe links: Some tools and spam filters will flag email containing an 'unsubscribe link' as spam. Due to anti-spam law, we are obligated to add these link.
  • Multiple emails sent: BucketlistRewards sometimes can send a lot of email in a small amount of time. Our mail provider will delay emails to ensure we aren't flooding mail servers, but some spam filters are more sensible to this than other.