How to open UKG Pro's (formerly known as UltiPro) API

How to open the API of the HRIS UKG Pro for user provisioning on BucketlistRewards' platform.

  1. Log in with an administration account in UKG Pro
  2. Create a 'service account' from the "Service Account Administration" page.
    1. That user should have a username and a password. Note these 2 pieces of information (we do not need the email address)
    2. The permissions for that account should be:
      1. "View" for "Employee person"
      2. "View" for "Employee Export"
      3. "View" for "Personal Integration"
      4. "View" for "Employee Person Details"
  3. Navigate to "System Configuration > Security > Web Services"
    1. Note the "customer API key" and the "Employee person service endpoint" URL. You don't need to provide us with the "User API Key".
  4. Below are the fields that map over to Bucketlist with UKG Pro (formerly known as UltiPro) integration.
    • supervisorId
    • employeeId
    • emailAddress
    • lastName
    • firstName
    • preferredName *takes over firstName
    • hireDate
    • dateOfBirth
    • Fields available for Group sync in UKG. Groups are used to filter the activity feed in Bucketlist (eg. a user can filter the feed by their department):
      • workLocationCode
      • orgLevel1Code
      • orgLevel2Code
      • orgLevel3Code
      • orgLevel4Code
      • city
      • state
      • countryCode
      • languageCode
      • companyName
    Note: If the employeeId is someone's managerId as well, they will be set as a 'manager' role level in Bucketlist.

    User filtering (Optional): Choose to filter certain CompanyIds, either include or exclude certain fields. Include: Only synchronizes users matching the criteria; Exclude: All users synchronize except the users matching the criteria. No Filter: Sync all users.
    Valid field names for user filtering: countryCode, languageCode, companyName, companyId, salaryOrHourly, fullTimeOrPartTime, workLocationCode, jobCode, projectCode, orgLevel1Code, orgLevel2Code, orgLevel3Code, orgLevel4Code, city, state, zipCode, employeeType . Please let your Bucketlist rep know if you require user filtering.