Accessing your SFTP server

How to access a SFTP server using FileZilla

To access our SFTP server, we recommend using FileZilla. This is a free application that allow users to log in and download / upload files on an SFTP server. It works on the majority of operating systems (OS) too.

Download FileZilla

You can download FileZilla here:

Make sure you download the SFTP Client and NOT the SFTP Server.

For Windows, download FileZilla_*****_win64-setup.exe

For Mac, download (you will have to double click on the file after the download to extract the application)

Connecting to the SFTP Server

When opening FileZilla, simply enter the SFTP URL, username, password and port credentials provided to you from Bucketlist in the designated fields:

Host = SFTP URL 
Username = your username 
Password = your password
Port = your port #

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 11.56.23 AM

Then, pressing on the blue button 'Quickconnect' should connect you directly on the SFTP server.

Once done, you should see messages in the status window, your computer in the left panel and the SFTP server in the right panel:

If you see red error messages in the 'Status Window', please contact our support team.

The left panel is your actual current computer. From there, you can browse your files and select files that you wish to send to the SFTP server. 

ON the SFTP server side, you can do the same. For example, in the example below we see that there's a 'CSV' folder. You can double click on it and it will list all files available.

Please ensure that you are dropping your CSV file in the correct directory - /csv 

To Download a File from the SFTP Server

To download a file from the SFTP server to your computer, simply drag that file from the right panel on to the left panel (your computer).

To Upload a File onto the SFTP Server

To upload a file to the SFTP server, simply drag'n'drop it from the left panel (your computer) to the right panel (the SFTP server).