How to Integrate with WorkDay

To setup a Workday integration, the customer will need to provide a custom report that produces the data to an endpoint (URL) so we can read it.

The information needed to connect to the API that the customer needs to provide is:

  • The custom report's URL. For example, the URL would look like:

  • The API endpoint's username and password

The custom report/API should include these fields:

  • First_Name (mandatory)

  • Last_Name (mandatory)

  • Email (mandatory)

  • Employee_ID (mandatory) - It should be a unique employee ID (i.e. no 2 employees should have the same id)

  • Manager (optional) - The value should be 1 or 0 depending on if the employee is a manager or not

  • Hire_Date (optional) - The format should be yyyy-mm-dd

  • Photo (optional) - This would be the encoded image directly - Note that depending on the size of the pictures and the amount of employees in the report, having the picture directly in the report might not be optimal. 

  • Other fields - Other fields (string of characters) can be used to be mapped to an employee's "team". There can be more than one team per person.

Example of an API call response from Workday:

         "AnotherTeamField":"New York"
         "AnotherTeamField":"Los Angeles"
      ... more employee data here ...

In that example, the data in the fields 'Department' and 'AnotherTeamField' would be use to associate the employees to their respective teams. In the example above, Mickey Mouse would be associated with the teams 'Sales' and 'New York'. Donald Duck would be linked to the teams 'Marketing' and 'Los Angeles'.