How to setup a Webhook

How Webhooks can be setup and used with the Bucketlist Platform

Our webhook will call a specific URL (that they specify) with the data of the latest recognitions. The data is encrypted using the key that you provide in the integration page on your Bucketlist Platform  (under the webhook’s URL). Request for Bucketlist to add this integration if the Webhook text box are not displayed.

You need a programmer to be able to use webhooks. The programmer would setup a URL where they listen for our call, they would un-encrypt the data and use the data somewhere (could be used to create an email, a PDF, display on a TV, etc).

The data is passed using the JWT format (Jason web token).

The data contains the recognition’s description, core values, target users, who sent the recognition and the date.



Example of what our webhook sends to the listener:

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 11.21.56 AM