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Employee Engagement Tips & Best Practices

This article summarizes some tips & best practices in keeping employee engagement with the program successful over time.


  1. Send out a survey to your team asking for feedback on the program. What do they like about the program? Do they have any suggestions on how to improve? Do they like the rewards available to them?
    • See sample survey questions here.
  2. Use the platform as part of your communication practices at your company, such as during your Team or Department Meetings. For example, for the first 5 minutes of your team or company meetings,  kick off with a “Good News” section on your agenda. Bring up the platform and call out some of the recognitions over the past week. Invite the person who gave the recognition to speak to it and give a bit more insight to the colleague’s contributions. This ongoing discussion of recognitions will keep the program top of mind and successful over time.
  3. If not included with the initial program roll out, introduce nominated-based awards, where employees can vote for each other for specific awards. For example, Employee of the Month, Outstanding Contribution to the Quarter, or Customer Service Excellence.
  4. Encourage and incentivize your Management team to use the program as often as possible. Introduce a Management Engagement Award (Top 3 recognition givers). When Managers are recognized, they feel inspired to spread recognition to employees, ultimately creating a domino effect.
  5. Introduce new Company Specific Rewards, such as Extra Vacation day, Lunch with your team, or a Professional Development course.
  6. Use our available integrations to allow more tools for recognitions, such as Slack,MS Teams, Outlook and Gmail.
  7. Create internal email campaigns on a regular basis (monthly/ quarterly) reminding employees of the program. Include screenshots of recent recognitions, available rewards and note the purpose and goals of the program.
  8. Kick off the program every year with a Staff Appreciation Day or Team Kudos event.
  9. Run internal contests or host team team building events and leverage Bucketlist for the winners.
  10. Encourage downloading the Bucketlist mobile app - allowing your team to recognize one another when not always at a desktop computer.  Search for "Bucketlist Rewards" in your Apple or Google Play store. Great for field workers or travelling employees.

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