Do Redeemable Points Expire?

Do redeemable points expire by the end of the year or month?

Expiration Policy: At present, redeemable points do not have a set expiry, unless otherwise authorized by your HR team. This means you can accumulate your points until you are ready to make a redemption. 

Communication from HR: If there are any specific policies regarding the expiration of points or a timeframe for usage, your HR team will communicate this information internally to the team.

Next Steps: If you have concerns or questions about the expiration of redeemable points, we recommend reaching out to your HR team for clarification and further details. They can provide specific information about any policies in place regarding the usage and expiration of redeemable points.


Feel free to contact your HR team for more information and assistance. If you have additional questions or need further support, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help!