Configuring the SSO in the Bucketlist integration section

  1. First, please follow these instructions on how to authorize Bucketlist in your Okta SSO and generate your credentials. Once you have your credentials ready, follow the steps below.
  2. Login to Bucketlist with a user having the admin rights. 
  3. Click on your Avatar and in the drop down menu, click on 'Integrations'
  4. In the 'SSO Open ID Connect', enter this information:
  • Client ID (the client ID copied from the OKTA setup)
  • Client Secret (The secret copied from the OKTA setup)
  • Subdomain: Your OKTA subdomain
  • Non existent users: Check that box if you want to allow users that aren't already present in the platform to use the SSO to connect to the platform. If allowed, these users will be automatically created.
  • Click on save

5. After the information is saved, you can double check that the URLs entered in OKTA are the same as the ones displayed in the Bucketlist's OIDC section under 'URLS' 

6. Once completed, please inform your Customer Onboarding Manager at Bucketlist