ADP Connection using a Sales Order

This article summarizes how to connect your ADP software so employees will automatically synchronize to your Bucketlist platform.

Below is the step by step process to connect ADP with Bucketlist. 

1.  Contact your ADP Sales rep OR submit a form here: to get a Sales rep assigned to you. Once you have a Sales rep, they will need to submit a Sales Order to open up your API to Bucketlist. Please note, Bucketlist is not on the ADP US Marketplace, so you cannot go through your ADP Account Rep directly. 
Note: There will be an additional fee involved with your Sales Order and/or recurring user fees associated with the API integration.

2. Once the Sales Order is processed, then ADP will assign you a technical specialist that will help you implement your ADP API with your Bucketlist implementation specialist. Once that technical specialist is assigned to you, follow the remaining steps below.


3.   Send a certificate signing request (CSR) to ADP by clicking on the link below. Bucketlist will need this "certificate" from ADP to use on their side to connect to your ADP's API. You will have to follow the 'manual process steps' here: to generate a "Certificate Signing Request".

4. Part of the requirement for sending this CSR will be entering your private key which you will have in a text file. Please make sure to save this private key as a text file to send to Bucketlist. We will need this for the set up.

Some other fields you will need to fill in the CSR:
Email: You can use the email of your implementation specialist here at Bucketlist. 
Client ID: your ADP client ID
Group DL Email: the same as the Email above
First Name, Last Name: can be the name of the person filling in the fields

5.  Once you send the CSR to ADP they will create the required certificate and send this back to you. Once you receive the certificate forward this to Bucketlist along with the  private key (text file). Reminder, The private key is the key you used to generate the ‘Certificate Signing Request’ that you sent to ADP.

6.  Ask your ADP technical rep for your ClientID and Client secret. This request will usually have to come from someone authorized at your company, sometimes known as the ‘security master’ associated with your ADP account. 

7. Confirm that you have sent the following information to your implementation specialist at Bucketlist:

  • Certificate
  • Private key (text file)
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret 

Once Bucketlist has the above information we can test the API connection.


8. Last step:

Provide your ADP technical rep the 'fields read from ADP's API response' listed below. These fields will need to be available for Bucketlist to read, unless they are marked as optional. Choose the fields you want to bring over to Bucketlist

person/legalName : Employee's first name and last name. Mandatory field

businessCommunication/emails : Employee's email. Mandatory field.  If work/businessCommunication email is empty, we will use the 'personal' email field. Please let us know if this is a requirement on your end. Either 'businessCommunication' email or 'personal' email is a mandatory field.

workerID: Unique field used to identify the employee. Mandatory field

workerStatus: Terminated or Active users. Mandatory field

workAssignments/hireDate or workAssignments/seniorityDate: One or the other is used as employee start date. Confirm with Bucketlist which field you will be using for employee start date. Used for service anniversary awards. Optional field.

person/birthDate: Employee's birthday. The date format can be changed to mm-dd in ADP if we don't need the year. As birthdays are sensitive information, you may need ADP to ‘unmask’ this data in the API if Bucketlist can’t read it. Used for Birthday Awards. Optional field

workAssignments/workerTypeCode: Used for the field 'status' on Bucketlist's side. Part time or full time. Optional field.

workAssignments/assignedOrganizationalUnits/Business Unit or workAssignments/assignedOrganizationalUnits/Department : Used for teams on Bucketlist's side. Useful for activity feed filtering in Bucketlist. Valid choices: Department, Business Unit, Home Work Location, Assigned Work Location. You can include 1 or more choices. Optional field.

workAssignments/reportsTo: Used to set the employee's managers on Bucketlist side - this can be used on different features like emailing managers when their direct reports get recognized or receive Awards, etc. Optional field

workAssignments/jobTitle: Used to set the employee's permission on BL's side to 'manager' for specific job titles (if we don't use 'reportsTo' noted above). Optional field

workAssignments/workerTimeProfile: Used for setting the employee's timezone. Optional field

workers/workAssignments/assignmentStatus: Used to determine if the employee should be added or removed to Bucketlist. Optional field

workAssignments/assignedWorkLocations or workers/workAssignments/homeWorkLocation: Used to set the employee's country. Optional field.

Other notes: If you are going to include birthday and/or employee start dates please ensure your privacy settings and security settings within ADP will allow for this data to be sent to Bucketlist via the API response. You may need ADP's assistance with these settings.