ADP US Integration

How to integrate your ADP software if you are in the US so employees will automatically synchronize with your Bucketlist site.

This article describes the step by step process to integrate ADP with Bucketlist so you do not need to manually add your employees if you currently house them in that software. Changes made there will also reflect on your Bucketlist site. After the steps below are the fields read from ADP's API response, which shows what information in ADP will be transferred to Bucketlist.


If the customer is in the US:

  • You will need to contact your ADP rep so that they can open your API to Bucketlist. Some reps will say they do not know of this process. We have found that contacting a sales rep has better luck in this case.

  • You can provide to ADP the 'fields read from ADP's API response' listed below. These fields will need to be available for Bucketlist to read, unless they are optional.

  • Your rep will ask you to create a "certificate" (a file) with ADP that Bucketlist will need to use on their side to connect to their ADP's ADPI

    • You will have to follow the 'manual process steps' here: to generate a "Certificate Signing Request". This is a file Bucketlist will send ADP so that they can generate a certificate (file) to use for Buckeltist's API connection.

      • Bucketlist can help with this if needed
      • Some fields information you will need to fill up:

        • Common name: This is like a nickname you want to give the project. Please ensure not to use name ‘ADP’ in the common name field.

        • Locality name and other fields: You can enter your headquarter’s city, country, etc

        • Organization name: Must be the same string used by your organization when registered with ADP

    • When it's done, you will have to fill up this form with their certificate request file:

      • Bucketlist can help with that.

      • Some fields Bucketlist will need the information for:

        • CSR: the content of your certificate file generated from the above point

        • Email: It can be our technical contact here at BucketList

        • Client ID: your ADP client ID

        • Group DL Email: the same as the Email

        • First Name, Last Name can be the name of the person filling up the fields

    • When the request is approved by ADP, the email entered in 'Group DL Email' will receive an email with links to certificates (files we can use for Bucketlist's connection to ADP).

    • When opening the API, ADP will also provide the customer with a client ID and client Secret, Bucketlist will also need this information for the API connection.

    • When we get all this information (the certificate and the client ID/secret), Bucketlist can test the API connection on their side.

Fields read from ADP's API response:

Below are the fields that map over to Bucketlist from the ADP integration:

    • workerID: Unique field used to identify the employee

    • person/birthDate: Employee's birthday. The date format can be changed to mm-dd in ADP if we don't need the year.

    • person/legalName : Employee's first name and last name.

    • workerStatus: Mandatory

    • businessCommunication/emails : Employee's email

    • workAssignments/hireDate or workAssignments/seniorityDate: One or the other is used as employment date

    • workAssignments/workerTypeCode: Used for the field 'status' on Bucketlist's side

    • workAssignments/assignedOrganizationalUnits/Business Unit or workAssignments/assignedOrganizationalUnits/Department : Used for teams on Bucketlist's side.

    • workAssignments/reportsTo: Used to set the employee's managers on BL's side - this can be used on different features like emailing managers on nominations, etc.

    • workAssignments/jobTitle: Used to set the employee's permission on BL's side to 'manager' for specific job titles (if we don't use 'reportsTo')

    • workAssignments/workerTimeProfile: Used for setting the employee's timezone

    • workers/workAssignments/assignmentStatus: Used to determine if the employee should be added or removed to Bucketlist.

    • workAssignments/assignedWorkLocations or workers/workAssignments/homeWorkLocation: Used to set the employee's country