ADP Integration using Workforce Now®

The below instructions will walk you through how to connect the Bucketlist Rewards Connector for ADP Workforce Now® integration through the ADP marketplace.

This article describes the step-by-step process to integrate ADP with Bucketlist using WorkforceNow so you do not need to manually add your employees if you currently house them in that software.  After the steps below are the fields read from ADP's API response, which shows what information in ADP will be transferred to Bucketlist.
  1. Log into your Bucketlist platform and copy the subscription key (provided by BL)
    1. In the top right dropdown menu, navigate to the Integrations tab Integration > ADP > Integration Settings (if you do not see this option, please reach out to Bucketlist Support for us to work on that for you).

  2. Find the Bucketlist Rewards connector in your ADP Marketplace

    1. Categorized as “Reward and Recognition”
    2. Choose "Bucketlist Rewards Connector for ADP Workforce Now"

  3. Purchase the connector from the ADP marketplace and select the relevant pricing option based on the number of users  (Small Business / Mid Market / Enterprise)

    1. You must be logged into your ADP account in order to complete this step
    2. *Note screenshot is from a test environment, which is why “Included users” is unlimited

  4. Paste the “subscription company key” (copied in step 1) into the input field in ADP and click “check” then continue
  5. Confirm billing details and complete the order

  6. Navigate back to the ADP integration section of the Bucketlist platform and click “Start” in the “Setup Status” section. Click “Enable” to turn on automatic synchronization between ADP and Bucketlist
    1. You may need to refresh the page to see the new UI for “setup status”
  7. You’re done! Users will automatically sync between ADP and Bucketlist every 24 hours (ADP is the “source of truth”)

Fields read from ADP's API response:

Below are the fields that map over to Bucketlist from the ADP integration:

      • workerID: Unique field used to identify the employee
      • person/birthDate: Employee's birthday. The date format can be changed to mm-dd in ADP if we don't need the year. (optional)
      • person/legalName: Employee's first name and last name.
      • workerStatus: Used to determine if the user is active or not
      • businessCommunication/emails: Employee's email
      • workAssignments/hireDate or workAssignments/seniorityDate: One or the other is used as employment date (optional)
      • workAssignments/workerTypeCode: Used for the field 'status' on Bucketlist's side (optinal)
      • workAssignments/assignedOrganizationalUnits/Busniess Unit or workAssignments/assignedOrganizationalUnits/Department : Used for teams on Bucketlist's side.  (optional)
      • workAssignments/reportsTo: Used to set the employee's managers on BL's side - this can be used on different features like emailing managers on nominations, etc. (optional)
      • workAssignments/jobTitle: Used to set the employee's permission on BL's side to 'manager' for specific job titles (if we don't use 'reportsTo') (optional)
      • workAssignments/workerTimeProfile: Used for setting the employee's timezone
      • workers/workAssignments/assignmentStatus: Used to determine if the employee should be added or removed to Bucketlist. 
      • workAssignments/assignedWorkLocations or workers/workAssignments/homeWorkLocation: Used to set the employee's country

Other notes: If you are going to include birthday and/or employee start dates please ensure your privacy settings and security settings within ADP will allow for this data to be sent to Bucketlist via the API response. You may need ADP's assistance with these settings.