How to set up MS Teams Integration

The following article outlines how to add and use MS Teams for the Bucketlist platform

Follow the instructions from this video to set up and learn how to use the MS Teams integration:

For step-by-step written instructions and screenshots, please see below:

Note: You can set up the integration through both the app on your device or the through your web browser

1. Select or create a Team and Select or Create a Channel to add the Bucketlist application. You will need to select the users in your Teams that you want to have access to the Bucketlist app within MS Teams

Examples for some channel names:  Celebrate, Recognize, or Bucketlist

2. Login to your MS Teams Account and click ‘Apps’ in the left hand navigation panel

3. In the Apps directory search for ‘Bucketlist Rewards’ and add the application to your account

4. Once the Bucketlist Rewards application has been added to your MS Teams account you will see the Bucketlist Bot. The Bucketlist Bot will assist you with recognizing your peers directly within MS Teams. And teach you some commands such as signing in and out of your bucketlist account directly within the MS Teams Bucketlist app

5. To get started type sign in within the chat with the bot and sign into your Bucketlist account using the same login credentials for your Bucketlist website

6. Once signed into your Bucketlist account, click ‘Teams’ in the left hand navigation panel

7. Select the 3 dots beside the Team created in step 1 and from the drop down menu select ‘manage team’

8. Within the selected team click ‘Apps’ within the window at the top and then click ‘More Apps’

9. You will be redirected back to the Apps directory where you again will need to search for Bucketlist Rewards. Click on Bucketlist Rewards and beside the Open button select the dropdown arrow and select ‘Add to a Team’

10. Select which team you wish to add the Bucketlist Rewards app to and click ‘Set Up’ on the bottom right hand side
               a) Note: if you wish to add the Bucketlist Rewards apps to multiple teams/channels you                        will need to repeat steps 8-11 for each team/channel

11. You will need to link both the MS teams Bucketlist App to your website Bucketlist platform so that any recognitions made within MS Teams will appear both in your MS Teams channel and your activity feed on the website version of your platform. Select Teams in the left hand navigation panel and under your team(s) select the three dots next to the channel you have added the Bucketlist Rewards app to and select ‘Connectors’ from the dropdown menu

12. Click ‘Configure’ beside Bucketlist Rewards

13. In the pop up window sign into your Bucketlist Rewards account by clicking ‘Sign In’ and enter in your Bucketlist Rewards credentials

14. Click ‘Authorize’ to confirm you wish for MS Teams to access your Bucketlist platform

15. Once done, click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the pop up box to complete the integration

16. Exit out of the pop up window in order to start using the Bucketlist App to give recognitions within MS Teams within your chosen channel