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How long does it take to receive a Reward Redemption?

After a reward has been redeemed, the Bucketlist Concierge team receives an email notification prompting them to redeem this reward.

The following explains the reward types and the process for redeeming them:

1. Experiences: If the reward redemption is an experience, the user can expect to receive this reward within 3 business days and it will arrive to their email inbox as a gift voucher for that specific experience. From there, you can book your preferred date & time for the experience.

2. Gift cards:

  • 90% of gift cards are automated and the user will receive an E-gift card instantly to their inbox. There are some special case by case situations for certain gift cards and more specifically for International Gift cards.
  • If it is an International Gift card or a specific gift card that cannot be automated, the Bucketlist Concierge team will purchase this gift card manually within 3 business days. Depending on the international gift card, it can take up to 7 business days to receive via email.

3. Donations:

  • Donation of points are automatically donated to your charity of choice. You'll receive an email notification of the donation.

4. Company Specific Awards:

  • Your company may offer rewards specific to your company, usually found under your "Company Name" in the redeem section. These awards are typically managed and fulfilled by your HR department. If you have questions on the status of your company specific reward, please contact your HR representative.

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