How long does it take to receive a Reward Redemption?

After a reward has been redeemed, the Bucketlist Concierge team receives an email notification prompting them to redeem this reward.

The following explains the reward types and the process for redeeming them:

1. Experiences: If the reward redemption is an experience, the user can expect to receive this reward within 1 business day and it will arrive to their email inbox as a gift voucher for that specific experience. 

2. Gift cards:

  • 90% of gift cards are automated and the user will receive an E-gift card instantly to their inbox. There are some special case by case situations for certain gift cards and more specifically for International Gift cards.
  • If it is an International Gift card or a specific gift card that cannot be automated, the Bucketlist Concierge team will redeem this gift card manually within 1 business day and email the E-gift card to the user. 

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