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  2. Getting Started with Bucketlist

How to Set Up the Site

The following describes how to set up the platform as a first time user.


  1. Start by adding your Organizations name to the "Company Name" field 
  2. Next upload your company logo, you can always change this later
  3. Select a currency
  4. Select your country
  5. Core values are your company values. You can add them to the fields
  6. Select the header color which is the color of the banner at the top of the page. That will also be the background color behind your logo, make sure they work together

7. Select your theme's colors (you can always change them later):

8. The circle on the left will change the color of the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page

9. The circle on the right will be the color of buttons and links


  1. When employees complete an experience (e.g. Get a Massage), there's an option to share it social media and link back to the career section of your website. The goal of this is to promote your employer brand and help you recruit more candidates.
  2. The Description is a short bio of your company, that people will see.
  3. The Image, is normally a company logo of team photo.


There are lots of options around points to allow you to customize the platform in a manner that works best for your company.

  1. Give points for likes and comments: When turned on, employees for which the element is liked or commented on will receive points (1 point for likes, 2 points for comments).
  2. Points have no monetary value: this allows points to be given out by employees, but the points won't have a cash equivalent. In that case, only awards given out by managers will have points with a monetary value
  3. Hide Points from employees, removes points from Peer to Peer recognition
  4. Rename Points allows you to change the labels used to display amounts of points
  5. Rename DreamCoins allows you to change the labels used to display the amounts of points given out by managers when 'points have no monetary value'
  6. Leaderboard Points changes how the ranks of the users in the leaderboard will be calculated. For example, 'Reset on 1st day of month' will show the highest ranked users in terms of points for the current month.
  7. How to Redeem Points explains how points work and how they can be redeemed in the platform

Employee Points

  1. Enable peer recognition for employees, allow employees to recognize one another
  2. Grant unlimited weekly points to employees allows employees to hand out as many points as they want
  3. Weekly Points Granted per Employee limits the amount of points an employee can give out
  4. Weekly Rewards Budget per employee allows you to set a budget per employee. This is used when points have a monetary value and will be used to calculate the value of a points. For example, if you set a budget of $50 and give 50 points every week to each employees, this means that 1 point is $1.

Manager Points

  1. With this setting, you're able to control how many points managers can give out each week
  2. There's also a setting allowing manager to distribute unlimited amount of points. 


  1. Show leaderboard allows you to turn the leaderboard on and off. 
  2. 'Show full name in activity feed's recognitions' allows you to show an employees full name instead of just his first name. This is useful for bigger companies where the same first name could appear more than once.