How to Set Up a Years of Service Program

The following article describes how to set up a years of service program.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the settings in the top right hand corner of the page and click Awards
  2. Click 'Create New Award'
  3. Select a name for your Award, i.e '5 Years of Service Award'
  4. From the drop down select 'Employee Start Date'
  5. Select the 'Every year' drop down, and in this example, select 'After 5 Years'
  6. Next choose how whether you want this award to be given out automatically or whether an admin should be sent a reminder to give out the reward
  7. Add a description for your own personal, use. Perhaps, "This award is given out for five years of service".
  8. Select a badge (or you can upload your own image)
  9. Choose the value
  10. Normally, for a years of service program, you can leave, 'Limited Supply, Requires Approval' unchecked (no action required)
  11. If you would like to attach an experience to a reward (e.g. massage, drive a sports car) select 'Attach experience to the reward'
  12. to save your changes click 'Create'
  13. The award will now appear inside the Awards section
  14. You can always edit and change a reward late