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How to announce the recognition program? (email templates and posters)

This article has two email templates you can use to announce your employee recognition program.

The following templates can be sent out to staff in advance of launching your employee recognition program. We encourage you to customize the email to fit the needs of your organization.

### Introductory Email 1 ###

Subject: A new program just for you


Soon we’ll be launching a new initiative called [insert your corporate name for Bucketlist].

What is this?

This program is a personalized approach to employee rewards and recognition. A lot of companies give out toasters or coffee cards, but we want to reward you with amazing experiences and gift cards.

Why are we doing this?

There’s some terrific work taking place at [insert your company name], and we want to recognize and reward these outstanding contributions in a meaningful way.

People are the backbone of our organization, and we’re always looking for ways to say “thank you.”

How Does it Work?

  • [insert a simple overview of the program will work - e.g. Peer to Peer, Name of Awards]


We’re planning to roll out the program [insert dates].

Stay tuned for more details.



### Introductory Email 2 ###

Subject: Just around the corner


We wanted to remind you that we’re close to launching our recognition program.

It’s only [X] days until we launch!

Here’s a quick overview of things to remember about the program:

  • This is your chance to say “thank you” to your colleagues. To recognize a fellow team member simply [insert description of program… e.g. /recognize inside of Slack

Additionally, we will also have the following awards:

  • [insert name of awards and frequency of program]

Looking forward to getting your feedback on the program.



### Posters ###

Sometimes is useful to print off posters around the office to communicate the upcoming program. We've created the following templates you can use at your own office.

To request a poster template please contact us at: support@bucketlistrewards.com